Concerning the Recent Islamic Protests:

Some might see the eruption of Islamic protests as the start of a new war. I think it might actually be the last stand in a very old war now waged by a disillusioned, directionless enemy. Fundamentalist Islam's main tactic has been to tout itself as the only alternative to western powers and the perceived evils of our secular society, but itself has proven ineffective at making peaceful and free governments of it's own. Arab Spring started with a bang and ended with a whimper - so will this "Arab Fall."

Maybe from the ashes of years and years of failed foreign policy of interventionism, America will learn to let nations and their governments rise and fall of their own volition. Maybe if we can stop being the enemy for long enough, people will see clearly what the real enemy is: Ignorance and hate. America cannot give freedom to the world. We can only try our best to set an example, which we haven't been doing a great job of lately.

We've dropped the ball a lot in the last few years and continue to let fear, ignorance and hate dictate the way we treat our neighbors, both here in the States and abroad. But it's never too late for a second chance. But that's what it is; a chance. We must take the chance that love and liberty is worth living dangerously for, because a life without these is one not worth living. If I were to die today because I chose to love my neighbor as myself, and to see him or her as a sister or a brother, rather than a potential enemy, I would die content that I did my part as a Christian, and as a free-thinking American. Stay the course, harness your tongue from sewing hatred, and love thy neighbor as thyself.