Power Out

Because of a unseasonably summer-like windstorm, the power went down in our neighborhood. So like all good survivalists would in this type of situation, we had an MRE cookout. Cheeseburgers anyone?


  1. I'm sort of glad I missed this...

  2. I lost power that exact same night!!! We might be neighbors! lol.

  3. Hehe, that is one of more appetizing MRE's too!

    I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, so the concept of "neighbors" has always been a bit vague to me. So in my mind it's very possible that we are. ;-)

    Of course in Mr. Roger's neighborhood, a power-outage I'm sure would have initially meant something more devious and eventually more moralistic than a hunk of greasy preserved meat.

  4. lol, but no, we aren't actually neighbors. Not unless you recently moved from Virginia to Michigan.

    That's still freaky that we both had power out on the same night.