Once I had a train of thought,
I rode gleefully upon it's back.
Then I unhooked all the cars
and we swiftly leapt off track.
Now we're spinning wheels
in a field full of cow-crap.
Maybe I'm not really lost,
it's just traction that I lack.

Once I had a submarine of soul,
I used to explore such depths.
Then I saw the green-screen roll
and knew I was altogether bereft.
I used think myself so deep
before my bravado sprang a leak;
Now I just pile thoughts in a heap
and try not to speak.

I know. I used the words green-screen and bereft in the same sentence. This is exactly why not talking is so much easier. I am a Frankenstein of rhymes, pop-culture, technology, and Shakespeak.



  1. This is probably one of the most lighthearted piece I have read from you and i really enjoyed it. The line about being in a submarine only to have a green screen be there is very clever. It's a great image and I can feel the slight but of disappointment in it.

  2. Thanks Aub, I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure about the "green-screen" reference, having avoided technology terminology in my poems pretty well up to this point, but it eases my mind that you approve :-)

  3. Just popped by to inspect the blogger from the AubrieAnne interview. Not disappointed either. Though I disagree: You have a little 'bi-polar' in this collection of words. ;D

  4. Thanks for the follow, Shah :-) Yeah, maybe a little bit of bi-polar ;-)

  5. I love meeting new writerly friends in blogosphere! Great piece. I also enjoyed reading "The Drive". Cheers to new friends!