The Lie of Left Vs. Right

I love coming across self-proclaimed "enlightened and independent" journalists who seem to think that the battle between the Left-wing Liberal Democrats and Right-wing Conservative Republicans is still being waged in earnest. It's the equivalent of being a grown adult who still thinks that the WWE is real fighting.

Our politicians, like the wrestlers, roar and flex and pretend to fight each other onstage, then in the dressing room they give each other winks and slaps on the ass and help each other with their lines and moves for the next show.

The real battle that is going on is as simple as this: Either you believe in having a small central government; working towards restoring a voluntary society; getting rid of national debt; and stopping our foreign policy of interventionism and nation-building - or you don't. Liberal Vs. Conservative, Republican Vs. Democrat, and Left Vs. Right is pre-9/11 politics and nothing more than rhetoric and theatrics today. Yet I see so many people who think that it's a relevant and important issue. The same type of people who might go to a magic show and think they are seeing "real magic."

I come from a background of strong, "conservative" values. I argued for the "war" in Iraq and voted for Bush both times. I always felt a sense of being bamboozled, but I thought that was just a part of being a good patriotic Republican. You had to hate the other party and embrace and defend the idiots, blowhards, and corrupt members of your party for the sake of unity.

Then one day I woke up and realized that being a Republican or a Democrat politician is nothing more than being on the same team, but wearing different colors and playing a scrimmage - with the fate of the free world and your future as the ball. Neither party gives a damn about your individual, God-given rights and is stripping you of them at every opportunity. The Republicans lied about the war and the reasons for going. The Democrats opposed the war because the Republicans were for it. Now we have a warhawk Democrat President who wants to prolong our presence in Afghanistan until 2024, invade Iran, is bombing Pakistan, and they all fall suddenly silent? Not a peep?

If I was an anti-war Liberal Democrat during the Bush administration, I'd feel deeply ashamed for my fellow party members. Obama has continued right on the horrific path that Bush laid out, and not a murmur have we heard from the Democrats who once howled en masse, and with righteous indignation against the war. What happened to the millions marching on the Capitol waving sign and shouting for the Government to "End this Endless War!"?

How is it that in all reality the only core of anti-war protesters left is composed of Veterans, most who have traditionally voted primarily Republican, and "fringe" Independents? Seriously, if you still think "Left" and "Right" still are the sides in the "game" of politics, you might as well poke one of your eyes out.

You are already incapable of seeing in 3D as it is.


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  2. Too few truly support liberty and freedom, and too soon many of those give way to the enticement that power, fame and fortune bring. I would challenge those whose fight for justice to remove themselves from power when they feel themselves being overtaken by the crush of self service.

    The desire for carnal things destroys the wealth we build in heaven. So soon we lose sight of what has real value.

  3. Amen, and amen.