Fish Story II - "Pond to Plate"

Caught a decent Smallmouth Bass today in Ben's pond, and it looked so nice I decided to keep it and cook it up.
So I began my epic first encounter with gutting and filleting a fish.
I had very little idea of what I was doing, but that's never stopped me from doing anything before.
 It was a massacre. A slimy, scaly, frond-scented massacre.
 Viewing the aftermath of the carnage I begin to wonder, "Why do I feel hungry? And where's my Precious?"

 But I shakes off the feeling, clears my throat: "gollum... gollum..." and I heads inside to clean up off the pondscum and cook the filletsssss.
 The finished product is NOT raw and wriggling. It is broiled with a basting of olive oil, sprinkled with lemon juice and parsley served with bread with Ben's home-made hummus. Yum! I jumps in it!
Photos of me taken by my good friend and fishing buddy, Jim McGuire.


  1. I'm just sorry I had to leave before dinner. It's a shame really. Also, I have to say that the pictures taken around the oil lamps out there always look incredibly warm.

  2. The Dinner looks great. Excellent job with the fish.