Remember the Fallen

Morning creeps in, silent, still,

Afraid today will see it's dawn
Worlds collide with violent will,
While the silent trees watch on.

The words of men can cause such dispair,

When the strength of our wise men fails.

Wringing hands and terrified they stare

At a world of pain and they pale.

The Strong grow wise as they fight a war,

That takes them and sends them afar.

The eyes of youth soon are forever lost

When the truth is shown and the awful cost.

They pay the price for the life we live

Today for freedom, his life he gives.
- 2007

This Man was a warrior through and through,
And he died whilst in my brother's arms on that terrible day.
He lived by a code and he remained ever true;
He was killed pulling a wounded man from harm's way.

I was not yet a warrior when I attended his service that day;
A whole community came together, stood and prayed.
People spoke of his potential, and strong men wept
I wished I could have known him; bright star that now slept.

He wrote to his family on the day he died, somehow knowing;
His mother said he wrote saying he knew where he was going,
And that he believed in the things he was doing.
I watched as tears streamed down her face.

I have this photo that was taken minutes before the fight.
There is no fear or hate behind this man's eyes.
Only contentment to be now at his comrade's side.
I wish to have known him, this man who changed my life.
- 2009

Cpl. Bradley T. Arms, killed in action on November 19th, 2004 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


  1. Thank you Patrick for writing and sharing this poem about Brad. You are now the torch bearer to carry on and stand for integrity, honor and freedom. Betty Arms

  2. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your family's sacrifice. I am humbled by the responsibility and great honor of serving in the same uniform that Brad wore with such courage and integrity. Semper Fidelis!