Frozen Pond

My ventures left no visible marks 
                 where I walked
 yet the surface of the pond was marred
           where the deer 
              and the raccoon stalked
                    Upon midnights so brightly starred
                          Their wild spirits led them 
                                                              to reach
               Where my own feet would not go
                        for the ice popped and cracked beneath
          my firmly planted
                                      cautious feet
        I walked for a time 
                         the edge
                and on the bank 
           when the ice was weak
                    there I fought the briery hedge
to step again 
 where the ice did not creak
           The ice in the center was likely
                          more sure than that on the rim
                                where it was full of fractures 
                                                           and weeds
                           But I stayed 
                where I could easily reach the shore 
                     and would not risk drowning 
                                   simply to feel free.


  1. Loving the pictures and how the verses are staggered to look like footprints. Great imagery too.

    " I walked for a time
    the edge
    and on the bank
    when the ice was weak
    there I fought the briery hedge
    to step again
    where the ice did not creak"

    I really enjoyed this part and how the rhyme was slipped in there. :)

  2. I enjoy experimenting with line placement from time to time. Both for the image it conveys, but also for how it might be read.

    I have only ever felt the urge to do it when writing about nature, or more specifically, the parts of nature I've personally discovered. Maybe it's because there's too much beauty and variation in nature's revelation of herself to try and jam it into a four line, square-like mold. Maybe it's because that's how you discover her wonders; in wandering lines and unexpected breaks.

  3. Enjoy how you link your words with fitting images. Truly captures your emotions and makes your writings more defined. Pleasure visiting your blog, Patrick.